Microsatellite markers are characterized by differences in repeat length between individuals (alleles), and therefore are analyzed by PCR and subsequent separation of the PCR products on automated sequence analyzers. Dedicated software is used to determine the alleles of a particular marker (allele calling). We perform genotyping of microsatellite markers (STRs) for genome-wide scans and fine mapping according to yours needs. For genome wide scans for linkage we employ an in-house developed marker set consisting of 438 markers with an average spacing of 8cm.
We accept existing assays just to run them for clients on the capillary sequencer. These should be submitted to the laboratory in clearly labeled 96 well plates, preferably using fluorescent dyes FAM, VIC, NED, PET and LIZ.
Based at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), we originated from a high standard academic group from within VIB.
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